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The World of Organic Agriculture 20009: Contents

Table of Contents - The World of Organic Agriculture 2009

  • Foreword Edition 2009
  • Acknowledgments
  • Sponsors     
  • Abbreviations     
  • The World of Organic Agriculture 2009: Summary
    Helga Willer

           Pages 1-26 (forword, table of contents, summary etc.) can be downloaded here

Current Statistics

  • Organic Agriculture Worldwide: Current Statistics
    Helga Willer, Maren Rohwedder, Els Wynen  
    • About the survey
    • Agricultural area under organic management and number of producers - present situation and growth
    • Land use and crop data
    • Crop Statistics: Cereals, citrus fruit, coconuts, cocoa, coffee, grapes, olives and wheat 
    • Organic farming in developing countries 
    • Data availability  
    • Revisions and updates of the 2006 data (published in the 2008 edition of ‘The World of Organic Agriculture’) 

Global Market

  • The Global Market for Organic Food & Drink
    Amarjit Sahota  

Standards and Regulations

  • Standards and Regulations
    Beate Huber and Otto Schmid
  • More than a Million Farms Certified by 481 Certification Bodies
    Gunnar Rundgren  
  • Overview of Group Certification
    Joelle Katto-Andrighetto  

UN Organizations

  • The Organics Trade Development Programme (OTDP) of the International Trade Centre (ITC)
    Alexander Kasterine  
  • UNCTAD's Work on Organic Agriculture
    Sophia Twarog  
  • The UNEP-UNCTAD CBTF Activities for Promotion of Trade in Organic Agriculture
    Asad Naqvi 

Food Security

  • Is Organic Farming an Unjustified Luxury in a World With Too Many Hungry People? 
    Niels Halberg, Panneerselvam Peramaiyan and Charles Walaga  

Crop chapters

  • Organic Cotton
    Paolo Foglia and Simon Ferrigno  
  • The Production Base for Organic Temperate Fruit, Berries and Grapes
    David Granatstein, Elizabeth Kirbyand Helga Willer 


  • Organic Farming in Africa
    Hervé Bouagnimbeck  
  • Background: The IFOAM Africa Office
    Hervé Bouagnimbeck  
  • Africa: Tables: Organic land area, land use, producers
  • Organic Food and Farming in Kenya
    Paul Rye Kledal, Habwe Florence Oyiera, John Wanjau Njoroge and Eustace Kiarii 


  • Organic Asia - From Back to Nature Movement & Fringe Export to Domestic Market Trend
    Ong Kung Wai 
  • History of the Regional Movement in Asia
    Ong Kung Wai 
  • Organic Agriculture and Market Potential in India
    Manoj Kumar Menon  
  • Asia: Tables: Organic land area, land use, producers    144


  • Europe: Overview
    Helga Willer 
  • Five Percent More Organic Land in the EU-27 - All Crops on the Increase
    Diana Schaack  
  • Development of the Organic Market in Europe
    Susanne Padel,Diana Schaackand Helga Willer 
  • The Organic Market in Europe:  Trends and Challenges
    Burkhard Schaer 
  • Organic Action Plans in Europe
    Victor Gonzalvez
  • Organic Farming in Europe: Tables: Organic land area, land use, producers   

Latin America    

  • Organic Farming in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Salvador V. Garibay and Roberto Ugas 
  • Argentina
    Dina Foguelman  
  • Chile
    Pilar M. Eguillor Recabarren  
  • Colombia
    Carlos Escobar 
  • Organic Agriculture in Cuba: Managing with Limited Resources
    Lukas Kilcher 
  • Dominican Republic
    Rafael Marty Garcia  
  • Ecuador
    María A. Rovayo and Sonia Lehmann  
  • El Salvador 
    Beatriz Alegría  
  • Guatemala
    Eddie Manolo de la Cruz Berganza  
  • Mexico
    Manuel Ángel Gómez Cruz, Rita Schwentesius Rindermann, Laura Gómez Tovar,                          
    Javier Ortigoza Rufino and Erin Nelson  
  • Venezuela
    Luisa Díaz Jaimes and Félix Moreno-Elcure  
  • Latin America: Tables: Organic land area, land use, producers 

North America    

  • United States
    Barbara Haumann  
  • Canada
    Matthew Holmes and Anne Macey  
  • North America: Tables: Organic land area, land use, producers


  • Organic Farming in Australia
    Els Wynen  
  • New Zealand
    Seager Mason  
  • Organic Agriculture in the Pacific Region
    Karen Mapusua    
  • Oceania: Table: Land under organic management, producers 

Achievements Made and Challenges Ahead 

  • Achievements Made and Challenges Ahead
    Louise Luttikolt   


  • Annex: Tables: Organic land, shares of total agricultural land and farms world-wide 
  • Data sources and data providers

The World of Organic Agriculture 2009


Willer, Helga und Kilcher, Lukas, (Eds.) (2009) The World of Organic Agriculture - Statistics and Emerging Trends 2009. IFOAM, Bonn; FiBL, Frick; ITC, Genf.