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The World of Organic Agriculture 2011: Corrigenda

Corrigenda to the printed version are listed here. The corrigenda have been included into the PDF version which is available at the password area.

Page 25: Number of producers 2008

The figure should read 1.4 million producers for 2009.

Corrected version: Page 25 (2.8 MB) (overall document from page 1-32).

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Page 48, Table 8: Turnover with organic food and beverages and exports by country 2009

It should be noted that the information in this table is not complete as for many countries market data are not available.

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Page 158, Table 29

The share of the organic sales of the total food market had been ommitted in this table. These data have been included in the PDF version (see password area). 

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Page 234: Albania: Share of organic land of total agricultural land

The correct share of 2009 is 0.04 percent and for 2008: 0.02 percent.

Corrected version: Table 38, pp. 234

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