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Presentations related to "The World of Organic Agriculture 2012"

Slides from "The World of Organic Agriculture 2012"

Organic Agriculture Worldwide: Slides on the key results from the survey on organic agriculture 2012 (2010 data)

The PPT versions are available at the password area.

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The World of Organic Agriculture 2012 (Session at the BioFach Congress 2012, Feb. 15, 2012)

Helga Willer (FiBL, Switzerland): Organic Agriculture Worldwide: Current Statistics (908.9 KB)

Amarjit Sahota (Organic Monitor, UK): Global Market (1.1 MB)

Beate Huber (FiBL, Switzerland): Standards and Regulations (to be ready soon).

Global Market Overview: Organic market developments in established & key emerging markets (Session at the BioFach Congress of Feb. 16, 2012)