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Corrigenda "The World of Organic Agriculture 2014"


Page 19

The correct coordinates of our contact from Russia are

Andrey Khodus, Eco-control Ltd., Solnechnogorsk, Russia, www.eco-control.ru;

Page 42, Figure 3

Revised Figure 3 with the ten countries with the highest shares of organic agricultural land

Page 207, second last paragraph

The correct figure for the market data from the US is 22.6 billion euros.


Data Denmark

The area data for Denmark were taken from Eurostat, however, there has been a revision of these data. This revision applies to all data datatables with area data from Denmark. FiBL will include this revision into its database in due time.

The correct figure for land under organic agricultural management is 182'930 hectares.

Note on organic producers (in all tables with data on the number of producers)

The explanation on the number of producers can be found on page 60 of "The World of Organic Agriculture 2014".