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Corrigenda "The World of Organic Agriculture 2016"

Should you become aware of any inconsistencies in the data or errors as published in "THe World of Orgnanic Agriculture" 2016, please contact julia.lernoud(at)fibl.org or helga.willer(at)fibl.org

Page 23 - Key indicator Table

The global per capita consumption in euros is Per capita consumption was 8.3 euros in 2014

Page 74, Table 16

Oilseeds: The increase of organic oilseeds was +13.5%.

Page 108, Oilseeds

The second sentence on the page should read:

"This is approximately 0.5 percent of the world’s total harvested oilseed area (more than 213 million hectares according to FAOSTAT"

Page 163, Africa: Current Statistics

The third sentence, second paragraph on the page should read:

"The key permanent crop is coffee, amounting to over 223'000 hectares."

Page 165, Figure 63: Key permanent crops

Figure 63: Key permanent crops: Coffee should be read 223.4 thousand hectares

Page 198, Key indicators

Per capita consumption for the Europen Union: 47 euros. For Europe it should read 36 euros.

Page 217 - Table 51

Table 51: The data from France is from2014

Page 224, Table 56, The European market for organic food

The per capita consumption for Europe should read: 36 euros.