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Table of contents The World of Organic Agriculture 2017

Contents of The World of Organic Agriculture 2017

Foreword from SECO and ITC                 
Foreword from FiBL and IFOAM – Organics International            
Foreword from the Editors                

Organic Agriculture: Key Indicators and Top Countries

The World of Organic Agriculture 2017: Summary          
Helga Willer and Julia Lernoud    


Current Statistics on Organic Agriculture Worldwide: Area, Operators, and Market             
Julia Lernoud and Helga Willer    
›    Introduction                 
›    General notes on the data             
›    Organic agricultural land           
›    Organic share of total agricultural land by region and country         
›    Development of the organic agricultural land           
›    All organic areas, including non-agricultural areas             
›    Organic producers and other operator types             
›    Retail sales and international trade data          
›    Organic farming in developing countries and emerging markets     

Land use and commodities in organic agriculture           
Julia Lernoud and Helga Willer    
›    Land use               
›    Arable land       
›    Permanent crops                
›    Wild collection and beekeeping areas     
›    Beehives  
›    Aquaculture                
›    Statistics on selected crops    
›    > Cereals      
›    > Citrus fruit             
›    > Cocoa beans             
›    > Coffee             
›    > Dry pulses               
›    > Fruit: Temperate fruit              
›    > Fruit: Tropical and subtropical fruit          
›    > Grapes             
›    > Oilseeds             
›    > Olives               
›    > Vegetables            

Organic Cotton             
Liesl Truscott, Evonne Tan, Lisa Emberson and Amish Gosai    
›    Trends               
›    Geography of production               
›    Market value         
›    Voluntary organic supply chain standards           
›    Challenges and opportunities for organic cotton          

The Global Market for Organic Food & Drink        
Amarjit Sahota    
›    Introduction             
›    North America              
›    Europe              
›    Other regions              
›    Challenges and growth outlook              

The Organic and Fairtrade Market 2015           
Julia Lernoud and Helga Willer    
›    Highlights and key data             
›    Table and Graphs              

Standards and Regulations             
Beate Huber and Otto Schmid    
›    Organic legislation worldwide: current situation           
›    The Codex Alimentarius Guidelines: Recent developments         
›    Import requirements of major economies         

Participatory Guarantee Systems in 2016               
Joelle Katto-Andrighetto and Cornelia Kirchner    

Latest Developments in Policy Support for Organic Agriculture           
Joelle Katto-Andrighetto    

Latest Developments in Organic Agriculture in Afric       
Jordan Gama    
›    The African Organic Network (AfrONet)           
›    Strategic Plan (2015-2025) for the Ecological Organic Agriculture  Initiative (EOAI) for Africa           
›    New UNCTAD study “Financing Organic Agriculture in Africa: Mapping the Issues”   
›    Outlook

Organic Farming in Kenya: Promising Growth and a Bright Future           
Richard Ngunjiri    

Africa: Current Statistics 
Julia Lernoud, Helga Willer and Bernhard Schlatter    

Organic Agriculture in Africa: Graphs               

Organic Agriculture in Africa: Tables               

Development of the Organic Sector in Asia in 2016           
IFOAM Asia               
›    Overview of the trends and developments in the organic sector         
›    Country reports               
›    Major achievements of IFOAM Asia          

Asia: Current statistics          
Julia Lernoud, Helga Willer, and Bernhard Schlatter    

Organic Agriculture in Asia: Graphs              

Organic Agriculture in Asia: Tables              

Organic Farming in Europe               
Helga Willer, Stephen Meredith, Yulia Barabanova, Bram Moeskops, and Matthias Stolze    
›    Current trends              
›    EU regulatory framework on organic farming           
›    EU policy framework on organic farming           
›    Research              
›    Challenges and recommendations           
›    Outlook               

Europe and European Union: Key indicators 2015          

Organic Farming and Market Development in Europe and the European Union           
Helga Willer, Diana Schaack, and Julia Lernoud    
›    1 Exceptional growth in 2015: Market and production highlights           
›    2. Organic agricultural land             
›    2.1 Organic agricultural land               
›    2.2 Organic shares of total agricultural land         
›    2.3 Growth of the organic land              
›    2.4 Conversion status of organic farmland        
›    3 Land use in and crops grown organic agriculture           
›    3.1 Land use            
›    3.2 Crops grown in organic agriculture         
›    3.3 Further organic areas              
›    4 Organic livestock           
›    5 Producers, processors and importers          
›    5.1 Organic producers             
›    5.2 Organic processors and importers           
›    6 Domestic market development           
›    6.1 Size of the organic market             
›    6.2 Growth of the organic market           
›    6.3 Per capita consumption of organic food          
›    6.4 Organic market shares             
›    6.5 Comparison of organic products and product groups with the total market   
›    6.6 Marketing channels in organic agriculture           
›    7 Conclusion            
›    8 Acknowledgements            

Organic Agriculture in Europe: Tables          

Latin America and the Caribbean               
Patricia Flores    
›    Public policies              
›    Regional markets               
›    Organic & Biodynamic Agriculture Movement           
›    Scaling-up experiences in the organic sector           

Latin America and the Caribbean: Current statistics           
Julia Lernoud, Helga Willer and Bernhard Schlatter    

Organic Agriculture in Latin America and Caribbean: Graphs         

Organic Agriculture in Latin America and Caribbean: Tables           

NORTH AMERICA               

Organic Continues to Set Records in the United States           
Barbara Fitch Haumann                
›    Organic garners more attention               
›    Consumer findings               
›    Organic hotspots               
›    All eyes on organic check-off proposal           
›    Other critical issues               
›    International trade            

Marie-Eve Levert and Jill Guerra    
›    Organic sector               
›    Organic market               
›    Further resources               

North America: Current statistics               
Julia Lernoud, Helga Willer and Bernhard Schlatter    

Organic Agriculture in North America: Graphs           

Organic Agriculture in North America: Tables           

Andrew Lawson, Andrew Monk and Amy Cosby    
›    Introduction               
›    Regulatory framework            
›    Accredited certifiers             
›    Domestic produce              
›    Primary producers and area of farmland           
›    Organic consumer attitudes in Australia           
›    Awareness of certification marks           

The Pacific Islands            
Karen Mapusua    
›    Recent important developments       
›    History             
›    Key actors              
›    Market & trade            
›    Legislation             
›    Government and international support         
›    Outlook              

Oceania: Current statistics              
Julia Lernoud, Helga Willer and Bernhard Schlatter    

Organic Agriculture in Oceania: Graphs            

Organic Agriculture in Oceania: Tables          

BETTER DATA            

FiBL Survey on Organic Agriculture Worldwide – Metadata           
Helga Willer  and Julia Lernoud    

Motions and More              
Markus Arbenz    
›    Organic 3.0            
›    New breeding techniques               
›    Aquaculture               
›    Membership               


Key Indicators by Country and Region            

Data Providers and Data Sources