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The World of Organic Agriculture 2021 - Table of Contents

2021 edition of "The World of Organic Agriculture"

Table of Contents

Foreword from SECO and ITC

Foreword from FiBL and  IFOAM – Organics International

Foreword from the Editors


Organic Agriculture: Key Indicators and Top Countries


The World of Organic Agriculture 2021: Summary 

Helga Willer,  Claudia Meier,Bernhard Schlatter, Lauren Dietemann, Laura Kemper and Jan Trávníček 


Organic Agriculture Worldwide: Current Statistics 

Current Statistics on Organic Agriculture Worldwide: Area, Operators and Market
Bernhard Schlatter, Jan Trávníček, Claudia Meier, Olivia Keller and Helga Willer

  • Organic land
  • Organic producers and other operator types 
  • Retail sales and international trade data
  • Organic farming in developing countries and emerging markets
  • Land use and key commodities in organic agriculture

Organic Cotton
Lisa Barsley, Evonne Tan, Suet Yin, Amish Gosai and Liesl Truscott


Global Market   and Organic Imports 

The Global Market for Organic Food & Drink
Amarjit Sahota

Imports of Organic Agri-food Products into the European Union ‒
Summary of the EU Agricultural Market Brief on EU Organic Imports 2019 

Standards and  Legislation, Policy Support

Organic Agriculture Regulations Worldwide: Current Situation
Cornelia Kirchner, Joelle Katto-Andrighetto and Joelle Katto-Andrighetto and Flávia Moura e Castro 

Participatory Guarantee Systems in 2020
Flávia Moura e Castro, Sara Anselmi,  Cornelia Kirchner and Federica Varini

Demeter International – Current Statistics
Christoph Simpfendörfer and Sarah Fischer

The Power of Public Food Procurement: Fostering Organic Production and Consumption
Federica Varini and Xhona Hysa 



Latest Developments in Organic Agriculture in Africa
David M. Amudavi, Venancia Wambua, Alex Mutung, Moses Aisu and Olugbenga O. Adeoluwa 

Africa: Current Statistics 



Developments in the Organic Sector in Asia in 2020
Shaikh Tanveer Hossain, Jennifer Chang and Vic Anthony Joseph Fabre Tagupa 

Asia: Current statistics  208



Organic in Europe: Recent Developments
Helga Willer, Bram Moeskops, Emanuele Busacca, Léna Brisset, Maria Gernert and Silvia Schmidt

Europe and the European Union: Key indicators 2019

Organic Farming and Market Development in Europe and the European Union
Jan Trávníček, Helga Willerand Diana Schaack 


Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America: An Insight into the Latest Developments in Organic Agriculture
Patricia Flores

The Inter-American Commission for Organic Agriculture (CIAO)
Graciela Lacaze & Juan Manuel Gámez 

Latin America and the Caribbean: Current statistics


North America

US Organic Sales Break Through 55 billion Dollar Mark
Barbara Fitch Haumann 

Tia Loftsgard 

North America: Current statistics



Nicole Ford and Owen Gwilliam  

The Pacific Islands
Karen Mapusua 

Oceania: Current statistics



Building Resilience
Louise Luttikholt


Key Indicators by Country and Region 

Data Providers and Data Sources