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UK should look to Switzerland in battle to save organic production

The UK Government can learn lessons from other European countries in how it stalls the declining number of organic producers, the Famers Guardian reports.


Swiss landscape. Photo: Lukas Pfiffner, FiBL


Prof. Urs Niggli director of  the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland (www.FiBL.org), said proactive measures from the Swiss government have seen the number of producers steadily increase.

Switzerland is one of only seven European countries which has more than 10 per cent organic agricultural land.

“In Switzerland we have the perfect policy of push and pull,” said Prof Niggli.

“There is a strong push for organic companies because the government accepts organic as being part of one strategy - not just for the environment and better land but also as the main strategy for Swiss agriculture as a premium market.”

The full interview of April 2, 2014, can be viewed at the website Farmers Guardian. 

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