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Page 36, Infographic organic farmland 2018

There were 36.0 million hectares of organic agricultural land in Oceania in 2018.

There were 16 countries with 10% or more of their agricultural land under organic management. 

In 2018, over 2.0 million hectares more were reported compared with 2017.

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Page 67, The ten countries with the highest per capita consumption 2018

Per capita consumption in 2018 in Norway was 79 EUR.

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Page 103, Coffee

In 2018, around 701’000 hectares or 6.5% of the global coffee area was under organic management.

OrgPrints.org: https://orgprints.org/37222/3/willer-et-al-2020-World-Of-Organic-eprints-corrigenda-page-103.pdf

Page 226, Europe and the European Union: Key indicators 2018

The the top 3 countries with the highest organic shares of total farmland are Liechtenstein (38.5%), Austria (24.7%), and Estonia (21.6%)

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Page 228, Retail sales Europe

The first sentence in the second section ("Retail sales ....") should  read

  • Organic retail sales in Europe were valued at 40.7 billion euros. 

Page 249, Europe: The countries with the highest growth of the organic market 2017-2018

Austria's market grew by 5 percent between 2017 and 2018.

OrgPrints.org: https://orgprints.org/37222/11/willer-et-al-2020-World-Of-Organic-eprints-corrigenda-page-249.pdf