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Presentations "The World of Organic Agriculture 2020"

On this page a number of slide presentations are available.

Slide presentations "The World of Organic Agriculture 2020"

FiBL has prepared three presentations summarizing the key results of the FiBL survey on organic agriculture worldwide (data 2018). Apart from the global data, key results on crop and on regional data are presented.

The following three collections will be made available:

Presentations from the session "The World of Organic Agriculture" at BIOFACH 2020

Presentations from the session "The Organic Market for Organic Food" at BIOFACH 2020

orgprints.org: The European market for Organic Food (Session at BIOFACH 2020)

 PDF - English (Willer, Helga: Organic Agriculture in Europe 2018)
 PDF - English (Schaack, Diana: The organic market in Germany - highlights 2019)
 PDF - English (Lacarce, Eva: The organic market in France)
 PDF - English (Holdstock, Lee: The UK Organic Market in 2019)
 PDF - English (Zanoli, Raffaele: The Italian market for organic food)